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Happy Frickin' Halloween: Mac OS X 10.4.3 Arrives

Oh. My. God.

It's not on VersionTracker or MacUpdate. It's not on Apple's downloads site. There's no combo update as yet. But my Software Update just found Mac OS X 10.4.3. Finally.

I feel dizzy.

Okay, kids. Gotta run. Remember, you heard it here first.

The combo update is out.

Oh, Hallelujah! Just read this:
Pressing Tab while composing a Mail message now inserts a tab character, instead of four spaces.

The 10.4.3 Server Update is also out now. Sweet!

I've installed the update without incident. I will post a new entry soon about my observations on this release.


From Software Update:

The 10.4.3 Update delivers overall improved reliability and compatibility for Mac OS X v10.4 and is recommended for all users.

It includes fixes for:

- AFP, SMB/CIFS, NFS and FTP network file services
- AirPort and Bluetooth wireless access
- Core Graphics, Core Audio, Core Image, and RAW camera support
- disc recording when creating and burning media
- .Mac sync services
- Spotlight indexing and searching
- Dashboard widgets: Dictionary, Flight Tracker, Stickies, and Unit Converter
- Address Book, AppleScript, Automator, Dictionary, Font Book, iCal, iSync, Mail, and Safari applications
- Disk Utility, Keychain Access, Migration Assistant, and Software Update
- compatibility with third party applications and devices
- previous standalone security updates

For detailed information on this Update, please visit this website:

For detailed information on Security Updates, please visit this website:


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