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I Don't Care Anymore

I've heard that the WACOM company's name is supposed to be pronounced "wack-em." But I don't care. I'm saying "way-com." 'Cause let's face it, you just sound stupid saying, "Hey, can I try your wack-em?" Or, "Your wack-em is huge. Much bigger than my wack-em." Or, "Wow, I just love my new, giant wack-em."

Oh yeah, and I say, "OS Ecks" as well.

Deal with it.

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11:24 PM

How *is* OS X supposed to be pronounced exactly?    

12:34 PM

You *should* say "os ten".

It's stupid. I like "os ecks" as well.

Maybe we should make a website for voting what should be the correct pronunciation.    

1:23 PM

I say "Wah-com", definitely not Wack-em.    

7:45 PM

Yeah, does anyone ever say OS "Ten" anymore? I mean, other than Steve Jobs.


8:52 PM

Well, all the Apple zealots say "OS ten".

I just don't get it. Really I see a friking X there, not a ten. Yes, there's the roman number, but who would think first of that?

Maybe as switchers come, the "OS ten" madness will end.


11:49 AM

Plus, "OS Ecks" just sounds cooler.


12:34 PM

True ;)

Besides, when I was new to OS X, I tought the X was for uniX. Nobody thinks in "ten".    

3:30 PM

"x" is just so much cooler. :)    

12:28 PM

It is 'wah-com.' A WACOM guy told me years ago "it rhymes with walkman."    

5:17 PM

Hm! Funny, 'cause a WACOM guy told my friend "wack-em." I think the WACOM folks don't even know the "correct" way to say it. 'Course, the title of the article is "I Don't Care Anymore" so I'm still saying it my way. It just sounds better.

Come on. You know it does.


5:24 PM

Look, a word is just a sum of letters pronounced in a sound. Big deal, say it the way you want.    

5:29 PM

Oh, you know, you're totally right. I never thought of it that way.

Never mind then.


1:23 AM

I like to say "Oh es Sex" Don't really care about saying "Oh es Ten Ten Point" etc. because that in it's self sounds redundant.    

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