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The term "sea change" has been extremely popular of late. I'm not sure why. I have a sneaking suspicion that the universe of online Mac journalism is highly incestuous. (I feel dirty.) But stranger still, the word "rejigger" has popped up, in one form or another, in no fewer than three articles or blogs, today alone, each related to Leopard.

And that is why rejigger is today's Word of the Day.

Okay kids. Give it a rest now.

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9:02 PM

I read that tidbits article and sent it my father-in-law too.

I'm sad that I completely missed rejiggered. What hath my speed-reading comprehension skills come to?

I must rejigger my blog reading habits I think.    

10:35 AM

I was shocked to find that it's actually a real word:

re•jig•ger |rēˈjigər| ( Brit. re•jig)
verb [ trans. ]
organize (something) differently; rearrange : he rejiggers his stump speech ever so slightly to fit the crowd, then sounds the same messages.


10:07 AM

Hi Systems Boy!

I have read this post today : because osx (I got an iBook G4) doesn't start. With starting in verbose mode it returns crash data for CRSH in volume /.Spotlight-V100?!?\n .

I've tryed (starting in single user mode) sudo mdutil -i off / /Volumes/* but it returns me a "permission denied" error. I did mount -o rw / but it doesn't continues to work.

Can you help me? Thanks. (I'm soooooooo sorry for my english)    

11:37 AM

That mdutil trick won't work in single-user mode, because the volumes aren't mounted yet. To turn off Spotlight completely, you must edit the file:

You can use pico to do this in single-user mode. Type:
pico /etc/hostconfig

The file will open and you can edit it. Change the line that reads:


Save the file, then reboot. Spotlight will now be completely turned off and, hopefully, you can troubleshoot your system. I'd start with that crash data and whatever logs you can find. Use the Console is your friend.

Good luck!


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