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Confessions of a Mac SysAdmin...

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I promise this won't become a link list blog, but damn if this isn't a great critique of some of Apple's recent policies and practices:
iPhone & iPod: contain or disengage?

G'wan then... Get readin'!

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12:57 PM

God hates computers!! Therefore, vicariously, he hates boy!

Just look at John 3:10.4.2,

"And the lord spoke to theith admin of thy unholy system: Though shalt not assemble thy machine in the likeness of thy counting or though shalt be met a wicked blow though thy server shall become served by thee before serving thy lord and though shalt perish... like thy unholy sgi...errrrrrrr... sPooN!"    

2:12 PM

Mmmm... I love the smell of crazy in the morning.


2:30 PM

but its not morning!    

6:24 PM

Yes it IS!


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