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Installer Renaissance

First it was Adobe. Then Apple. Now even Microsoft is making the software installation process more sensible and trouble-free.

I tell ya, it's enough to make a Systems Boy cry, I tell ya.

I tell ya.

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7:12 AM

It made me cry. However, that might have just been that it was a mention of "Office"    

12:30 PM

Hold me.


7:57 PM

Please don't encourage Adobe. Their CS3 installer system is a joke. It simply doesn't work right.

Have you looked at the Adobe forums and seen all the issues people have trying to install CS3? Why do you think they had to put out that uninstaller that would rip out CS3?

They should have used the native installer for each of the platforms. On Windows they should have used MSI, and on Mac OS X they should have used PKG.    

10:00 AM


Yeah, I had all kinds of problems uninstalling the Photoshop beta myself. I didn't even know there was an uninstaller (that worked, anyway), so I ended up removing it by hand. Very irritating. And their installers are all different and inconsistent. And they still don't work in any sort of user-friendly way with ASR. All true and just criticisms. But hey, anything beats those shitty-ass VISE installers they used to use.



2:03 AM

New software installation solution for Windows.    

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