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Replica Reset Voodoo (That Works!)

So today, after downgrading my master server to 10.4.7, I kept getting an error on my replica. So I decided to reset the replica by demoting it to a "Standalone" role, and then re-promoting it to the "Replica" role. But even after doing this, the error message persisted. The message was telling me to check the logs at:


and doing so did reveal errors like:

ERROR: Type or value exists: modify/add: memberUid: value #0 already exists

The solution was to again demote the replica to standalone status and then archive all the files in:


to anywhere else. I put them in a folder called "old." Just get 'em out of the way. Once this was done I was able to promote my replica without receiving error messages.

Yay! That wasn't too bad.

Oh, and you may be asking yourself how I knew to do this. Well, to be honest, I don't really remember. I just know that at some point in the past there was a problem I'd had with a replica and it was caused by stale files. So, since my ultimate goal was to start from scratch, I just got everything out of the way. And lo and behold. It worked. Sorry for the voodoo explanation, though. I wish I could be more explicit. Hell, I wish I fully understood what I was dealing with. But I don't. And, though it pains me to say this, I don't have time to figure it out.

But y'know? I'll take the cure even if I don't know what caused the disease.

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11:01 PM

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2:01 AM

well, i've been tempted to try this "replica" business, but it sounds like more trouble really. hmmm    

9:08 PM

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9:28 PM

You just saved my life with this post, as I am in an indentical situation (remodeling the company) with an indentical problem with a moved replica.


9:37 PM

That's awesome, Mike. Glad I could help.


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